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Blast of arctic air headed to Seattle area this weekend, slight chance of snow

Things are cold in the Seattle region. (Fiona Paton, Flickr Creative Commons)

A blast of arctic air is storming in from Canada, dropping temperatures below freezing in Seattle and beyond. While there’s a slight chance of snow, the air is dry so it’s not likely.

“Cold continental air amassed so it’s dry, we’re not seeing any clouds to keep any daytime heating in. It will really cool off at night,” Steve Reedy with the National Weather Service told KIRO Radio. “We’re looking at maybe 10 to 20 percent chances there (with snow), so that means an 80 to 90 percent chance that nothing will happen.”

Seattle winter could be much snowier than usual

A recent report suggests that this winter will be a few inches snowier than usual, with 10 to 12 inches expected on average (which is usually around 5.9 inches), according to the Seattle Weather Blog. There is also an expectation of a significant cold spell in December or January, and less rain than normal.

With this weekend’s cold, Reedy suggests being a little more prepared for the cold than usual.

“Take into consideration the overnight cold, and maybe don’t leave pets outside overnight, bring them inside or at least make sure they are well taken care of,” he said. As for yourself, he says “In the morning, maybe wear a little extra heavier jacket as most commutes will likely get off to a cold start, before things start warming up by late morning.”

Seattle could be primed for ‘very active winter’ as snow arrives on Mt. Rainier

Overnight lows should start warming back up to above freezing by the start of the work week.

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