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Jeff Bezos, Worst People in Seattle list
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Dori earns a spot on ‘Worst People in Seattle of 2019’ Twitter list

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earned the top spot on the list. (AP)

A guy named Brett Hamil, who apparently is a local comedian and cartoonist, has come up with a list on Twitter of the Worst People in Seattle of 2019.

Here is the list (all comments were added by me):

  1. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos — yeah, creating all of those jobs and all that tax revenue was really terrible.
  2. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz — he belonged on the 2006 list when he sold out the Sonics, but what did he do this year that was so bad?
  3. Former Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess — if I recall, he was one of the semi-reasonable people at the time he was on the council.
  4. A tie between David Preston (who is behind Safe Seattle) and former Seattle City Council candidate Ari Hoffman — it must be because they dare to point out all of the crime in Seattle.
  5. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan — obviously, though the rest of the council should be on here as well.
  6. Alleged rapist David Meinert — remember when his friend Dow Constantine got lucrative county contracts funneled to him?
  7. The Stranger writer Katie Herzog
  8. Former Seattle City Council candidate Chris Rufo
  9. Guy Palumbo — at first I was getting him mixed up with the lead character on “Columbo,” but then I looked him up and found that he’s a former member of the Washington State Senate who resigned to go work for Amazon.

and finally …

10. Dori Monson, with the add-on of “emeritus”

Does the extra marker of “emeritus” mean that I am getting a lifetime achievement honor? I’m very curious.

I don’t mind being named the 10th Worst Person in Seattle. I appreciate that he is giving me emeritus standing. What I do mind is that I’m not ahead of some of these other people. I can see being behind someone like the alleged sex offender, but surely I can get ahead of Bezos, whose only crime was creating jobs and tax revenue.

Dori’s 2018 Awesome Audio of the Year

The other thing I’d like to know is what I have done to end up on the Worst People in Seattle list. I’m just curious of the criteria that placed me on the list because, frankly, I’d like to move up in the 2020 version, and I need to know how I can get ahead of Guy Palumbo. I didn’t even know who Guy Palumbo was, but the fact that he beat me at anything — even a Worst People in Seattle list — really annoys me.

We tried to get him on the show, and I was hoping he would, because I really wanted to ask these questions. But instead of responding to Producer Nicole’s polite email, he made a snarky post with a screenshot of it on Twitter.

I just want to be up higher on the list. I am very competitive.

On a related note, I saw that the Seattle Times posted a poll asking for nominations of people who have had the greatest impact on Seattle this decade. Who has had more of an impact than our radio show? I would appreciate if you would go to their website and nominate this show. We have been watch-dogging all of the corruption; we’re trying to stand up against the drugs and the lack of crime prosecution and the rampant taxation. I’m very proud of the impact our show has had in the last decade here in Seattle.

So those are my goals — I want to be higher up on the 2020 Worst People in Seattle list, and I want to be nominated for the Seattle Times’ list of people who have had the greatest impact on the city this decade.

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