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Awesome Audio of 2018: Construction workers interrupt Kshama

Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant speaking out against Amazon in April 2018. (Facebook Live)

Congratulations to Kshama Sawant and the crowd of construction workers chanting around her for winning the title of Dori Monson’s Awesome Audio of 2018!

Last May, Sawant was giving a speech about the city’s proposed head tax on Seattle businesses in South Lake Union when a group of construction workers decided to try a tactic much-loved by Sawant herself — chanting a phrase over and over again as a group.

The construction workers, who worried for their jobs if the head tax passed, chanted, “No head tax,” repeatedly so that the Socialist council member could not get a word in. Here is the full video:

Sawant’s screeches and the construction workers’ chants were up against a voicemail left by listener Diane, who had some criticism for the show, in the Monson Madness Championships.

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