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Rantz: Campaign says ‘high chance’ for President Trump rally in Seattle 

President Trump. (Getty Images)

Progressive activist heads may collectively explode when they hear the news that President Donald Trump will likely visit the region for another campaign rally.

“I would say there’s a good chance… a good, high chance that President Trump will be back in Seattle in 2020,” Trump 2020 senior adviser John Pence exclusively tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

Pence, nephew to the Vice President, is in Washington this week for campaign volunteer training. Why is he in Washington, a very blue state?

“We are seeing an uptick in engagement. More donors,” Pence acknowledges. “I mentioned 100,000 new volunteer sign-ups [nationwide] since the impeachment inquiry started. We’ve also seen 313,000 new donors within a three-day span of when the [impeachment] inquiry started and the majority of those donors are women.”

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Earlier this year, a newspaper report said Trump saw a huge surge in Seattle donors, doing better than he did in 2016. And, according to a leaked memo, the Trump campaign was purportedly considering more events and outreach in this general area.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale also visited the Pacific Northwest, with a stop in Oregon.

A Seattle-area campaign stop could provide controversial in a state where there is reason to believe, at least in some races, anti-Trump sentiment brought out more progressives voters. In WA-08, Dr. Kim Schrier bested Dino Rossi to represent the district after then-Congressman Dave Reichert announced his retirement. And this week, Democratic Rep. Denny Heck (WA-10) announced his retirement, after two years of non-stop, unhinged anti-Trump rhetoric.

This is a district that is decidedly purple and should give Republicans the opportunity for a congressional pick-up. Could Trump help or hurt that?

While the President may come back to the state for a rally, it doesn’t mean the state turning red is an easy accomplishment. Pence acknowledges as much.

“Well, if you do the math, you know, it would be hard, right, because you do have a socialist mayor in the middle of Seattle,” Pence concedes. “But folks from Washington state can help this president, not just in their state, but nationally. We have one of the most sophisticated, actually I would say the most sophisticated campaign technology apparatus in American political history. All you have to do is sign up on to place calls on Trump Talk.”

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Pence says that platform allows Trump supporters from, say, Sequim or Everett, to place calls to voters in battle ground states to help get out the vote.

“This agenda to put America first transcend state boundaries,” Pence says. “And that’s why the president won 2016 and he’ll win again in 2020.”

Trump previously visited the region as a candidate, speaking for an hour to a crowd of thousands packed in at Xfinity Arena in Everett.

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