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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin reusable rocket launch set for Wednesday

The booster of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket prepares to land in western Texas on July 18, 2018. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rocket is based in Kent. (Blue Origin via AP)

Jeff Bezos’ private rocket company, Blue Origin, will have to wait one more day to launch its reusable spacecraft.

How Jeff Bezos came up with the name ‘Blue Origin’

Bad weather in Texas forced Blue Origin to suspend a Tuesday morning flight until Wednesday at 9 a.m.

The Amazon founder hopes to one day have the reusable rocket — dubbed New Shepard — generate revenue by flying wealthy tourists to the edge of space. For now, it’s filled with thousands of postcards from kids, as well as science experiments from NASA, students at Columbia University, and more.

Assuming everything goes according to plan on Wednesday, this would mark the company’s sixth time using this spacecraft. The New Shepard craft’s first flight was in December 2017, followed by two more in 2018, and two more after that in early 2019.

Northwest is primed for the space economy

Live updates from the launch begin Wednesday at 7 a.m. on YouTube below.

The company has stayed busy outside of the New Shepard project, submitting a proposal to NASA to once again mount a manned mission to the moon in early November.

“It’s time to go back to the Moon — this time to stay,” Blue Origin Tweeted out at the time it sent in the proposal.

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