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Adam Carolla takes on Evergreen College, but doesn’t blame students

(Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for International Myeloma Foundation)

The shame of Washington state colleges mistreating conservative students represent a good chunk of the documentary “No Safe Spaces,” a film that highlights how American colleges are actively stifling conservative thought and anyone uttering an idea progressive activists don’t actually support.

Adam Carolla is one of the people behind the film, and joined the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to discuss what he learned about the state of colleges from those like Evergreen.

“What I didn’t really know is that the folks who were hard left on college campuses would turn on their fellow left if they got out of line,” Carolla said. “That’s the part that was sort of eye opening and a little bit scary to me, that even if you were very progressive and liberal and woke, if you didn’t dance when they told you to dance — like what happened to Weinstein at Evergreen — then they would surround you and threaten you.”

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Evergreen State made headlines when activists demanded white students and staffers leave campus during the Day of Absence, in order for students of color to talk about racism without them around. Professor Bret Weinstein refused, arguing that the school was mistreating people based on their race. He was relentlessly harassed as a result and later settled a lawsuit with the school.

But Adam Carolla doesn’t necessarily blame the students, instead holding those who are supposed to be leading and teaching them responsible.

“I don’t blame the kids. It’s like I don’t blame the homeless population and the homeless problem in Los Angeles, I don’t blame them on the homeless. I blame them on the governor and the mayor and the city council. Homeless people are just homeless people and 19 year-olds are just angry 19 year-olds. It’s really not them. There’s always going to be homeless. There’s always going to be angry 19 year-olds.

“Who’s in charge? It’s their fault. It’s the people letting this happen.”

The scariest prospect seems to be what happens when these students grow up and become lawyers and politicians and doctors, who will have legitimate power.

“I think we’re seeing the chickens come home to roost already, because the faculty at Evergreen or the President of Evergreen is a product of the sixties, and a product of that sort of generation, and you’re seeing the way he reacted to it,” Carolla said. “When that guy was 19, he was on some college campus protesting the Vietnam War. Now he’s 63 and running a university. What’s he going to do, call the National Guard?”

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“This is sort of what Dershowitz was talking about in the movie. He was explaining that his students would be the next chairman at Goldman Sachs, the next Supreme Court justice. Now it’s going to be frightening. But I think it will hit a saturation point, which we’re getting close to right now. And the pendulum will start swinging back the other direction just sort of toward common sense.”

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