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Grassroots effort underway to recall Bob Ferguson over abuse of power

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

There’s a grassroots effort underway right now to recall Attorney General Bob Ferguson. It’s being led in part by Matt Marshall of Eatonville, who charges Bob Ferguson with malfeasance, misfeasance, and violation of his oath of office.

Where specifically did the charges of malfeasance and misfeasance come from?

“They’ve come from his sponsorship, endorsement, and really the weaponizing of his office for his own political agenda. So, specifically gun rights are one of the things that really triggered a lot of us to take action right now,” Marshall told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “He believes that when he endorsed 1639 during the campaign back sometime around October of 2018 that he was doing it in response to direct inquiry from the media.”

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“But we’re saying that that’s not entirely true,” he continued. “He was clearly using staff to campaign for and lobby for 1639, and using his position and the fact it was during a media interview as cover. It would go even further to show that he was an invited guest after the ‘Yes on 1639’ election night party and was actually speaking at that event, showing that he was very much so involved in the campaign efforts.”

I-1639 represents the most sweeping, comprehensive gun control legislation in any state. It enacted waiting periods and background checks on the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, an increase to the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, storage requirements for firearms, and a class-C felony for any gun owner whose firearm is used by an unlicensed party.

But as Jason noted, what would be the purpose of the recall effort when an election is just around the corner?

“Mainly, people in the state are frustrated right now. He just recently introduced even more sweeping gun legislation,” he said. “We’re just tired of kind of going back and forth with him. It started with Senate bill 6620. Then it became 1639 when that Senate bill didn’t pass … he is now introducing even stricter gun legislation. So it doesn’t matter what what we do on 1639. He’s still going for more. The people are frustrated.”

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While Marshall believes the election is an important avenue for this frustration as well, he says the public has even less faith in the effectiveness of their vote these days, especially in light of how $30 cars tabs is being handled.

“The problem is look at what we’ve just done with our third or fourth time now voting for $30 car tabs. People don’t believe that the vote has any meaning anymore. People are disenfranchised — and honestly, I’m one of them — that doesn’t believe that if we just take this to election, that there won’t be some sort of underlying corruption that benefits Bob Ferguson.”

“So this is a way to do it, at least nothing else send a strong statement that people do not want you.”

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