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Sound Transit bikes Connect 2020
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What bike riders need to know during 10 weeks of light rail disruptions

We’re one step closer into Connect 2020, the 10 week closure and shift for Sound Transit Link light rail riders. But not only are we going to have to get used to crossing a platform, light rail riders using their bikes in downtown Seattle need to make adjustments of their own.

Prepare for a commute change on Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail

“We’re going to ask riders if they need to take their bikes, to please de-board at International District Station, or University Street Station,” said Sound Transit Operations Director Marie Olson.

Over the 10 weeks of expected service disruptions for light rail riders, bikes will not be allowed at the Pioneer Square Station, situated directly between the International District and University Street Stations.

Sound Transit Connect 2020

That being so, cyclists won’t be completely out of luck, with a protected bike lane providing a safe way around that route.

“You’ve got a dedicated bike lane that runs between those two stations and around Pioneer Square,” Olson described.

Sound Transit will be also closing parts of the International District/Chinatown Station from January through mid-March to tie-in the east link track. This means that the trains will not be able to go through that station during the closure.

SR 99 tunnel ‘always going to be best route’ through Seattle

Trains are expected to run every 12 minutes during this construction phase in early 2020. Trains currently run every six minutes during weekday peak hours and 10-15 minutes the rest of the time.

There will also be three other weekends where no trains will run between SoDo and Capitol Hill during that January to March time frame.

MyNorthwest staff and KIRO Radio’s Chris Sullivan contributed to this report

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