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The theft of parental rights in Washington state is unconscionable and immoral

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Quoting a law passed in Democrat-controlled Washington state originally designed to make sure girls could get secret abortions, insurance companies have been writing to parents informing them they no longer have any rights to be involved in crucial, life-altering decisions their kids want to make.

Here’s how Regence defines these “sensitive conditions:”

Mental health
Reproductive health
Sexually transmitted diseases
Substance use disorder
Gender dysphoria
“Gender-affirming ‘care'”

Thanks to big government, Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma, your kids will now get to use the insurance company’s money — and your premiums — to secretly be put on drugs for depression or anxiety and you — the lowly parent — need not know that your kid might be stocking up on dangerous psychotropics; your kid might choose to take the meds responsibly, they might dangerously mix them with others or with alcohol but, again, you are only the stupid parent and you are not allowed to know about this unless your kid kindly tells you.

Your hurting, depressed 13-year-old can now use your insurance to be told by so called gender therapists — in one, single meeting–that they are the opposite sex and that is why they are sad; that puts them on a path to get shot up by so called doctors with cross sex hormones shown in peer-reviewed medical research to retard brain growth and to lead to lifelong health problems including diabetes and kidney failure. So-called gender therapists do this without considering your kid’s depression, anxiety, history of bullying, eating disorder, general body dysmorphia, they don’t consider any of those comorbid factors a reason to slow down the transing process because, in their world, getting your perfectly healthy sex organs chopped out at 18- — or, younger, if you — the lowly parent agree — is beautiful and wonderful, whereas responsible physicians and sexologists have, for nearly 30 years, considered it a last resort as it is still described in the official standards of care.

You can also rest assured that the gender therapist don’t care that 80% – 95% of kids work through gender dysphoria over time and, despite that fact, these so called therapists using your insurance money without your permission to secretly tell your kid he is a body will accuse you of bigotry and hatred if you would like you child to take the time to figure out why they are confused about their sex rather than rushing toward being sterilized and surgically harmed. Yep, Big Pharma loves them some so-called gender therapists.

This is all about preventing suicide, right? No, it’s not. The American media rely on two studies to contend kids with gender dysphoria are any more likely to commit suicide than kids with depression, anxiety, general body dysmorphia or eating disorders. The RaRe study was conducted by a questionnaire using a non-probability sampling method: the questionnaire was promoted within the LGBT community and people chose whether or not to fill it in. 2,078 questionnaires were analysed; only 120 of these were self-identified transgender people, only 27 of these were under the age of 26 years old. It is only the results from the 27 young, self-identified trans people that was reported in relation to suicide. Of these 27 people, 13 of them reported having attempted suicide at some point in the past. This is where the 48% of all self-identified trans youth attempt suicide stat comes from. The second study, the 2016 Stonewall commissioned the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge, is so flawed no peer reviewed papers can be written on it because the researchers have refused to release detailed methodologies.

This is big government at its worst: your kid has a substance abuse problem? None of your business; shut up and pay your premiums. Your daughter is so depressed and anxiety ridden that she needs anti-depression meds BUT, at 13, she is also so together she can be counted upon to use the drugs responsibly so why let you — the stupid parent — have any knowledge about it?

Tell Me I’m Wrong: The theft of parental rights in Washington state is unconscionable and immoral.

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