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Gov. Inslee hones in on homelessness, climate change in State of the State address

Washington Governor Jay Inslee delivered his annual State of the State address to state lawmakers in Olympia, calling for unity across the aisle to address homelessness, climate change, and more.

Gov. Inslee 2020 budget includes $146 million to fight homelessness

“We recognize we belong to one community,” Inslee stated. “… We have created a spark that ignites our innovation [and] we experience the best of Washington when we come together.”

He outlined a plan to provide stable shelter to half the state’s homeless population by the end of 2020, citing the successful strategies implemented cities like Tacoma in providing temporary solutions that end in long-term results.

“Responding to homelessness can’t simply mean moving people down the road to someone else’s city — it’s about giving them the tools and resources to get back on their feet,” he outlined. “This temporary sheltering approach serves as a transitional step.”

He recently put forward his plan to use $300 million dollars from our state’s “rainy day fund” to build emergency shelters and expand housing programs over the next three years.

Inslee also spoke in depth on his goals regarding climate change.

Jay Inslee pens NY Times climate change op-ed

“Our love for this state requires us to do more to fight climate change,” he said. “For those who doubt that we need to do more, look at Australia today — that is all our futures.”

Outlining a plan to establish a clean fuel standard, he hopes that it will act a common sense solution to reducing transportation emissions in Washington state.

“Let’s get to work,” he said in closing.

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