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Tim Eyman, $30 car tabs, I-976
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Dori: AG bullying Eyman by counting every meal out, movie, haircut

Tim Eyman attempting to argue his case in favor of I-976 in court in November. (Hanna Scott, KIRO Radio)

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is once again going after Tim Eyman — this time over dinners and haircuts.

Tim Eyman, who has been embroiled in a court battle with Ferguson for years over campaign finance laws, filed for bankruptcy over a year ago. He believes that Ferguson is trying to destroy him because Eyman has been successful with measures that have put restraint on government taxation. Ferguson is one of the most powerful people in the state, and is an agent of a government that does not like to have any restriction on taxation.

Now, Ferguson has released details on some of Eyman’s spending, which Eyman has to submit as part of his bankruptcy stipulations. According to The Seattle Times, Ferguson is very upset because last year, Eyman ate out 20 times in one month. He went to the movies eight times last June. He bought 97 Starbucks gift cards last year. But here is the big one — he spends $79 on a haircut every few weeks.

I will say, I’ve never spent $79 on a haircut — I get a great one for under $20. And you know that I think Eyman is a squirrely guy. But I also like the fact that he got $30 car tabs passed. Hopefully the courts will uphold it.

Dori: Eyman-Inslee coverage may as well have come from state-run media

What I find so interesting about this is how selective Bob Ferguson is in whom he chooses to go after. Jay Inslee still has on his staff a chief policy adviser who, along with his wife — the chief deputy clerk for the House of Representatives — cheated the system to buy a taxpayer-subsidized low-income condo in Bellevue as a second home. They were supposed to live in it, but they didn’t, and they were supposed to be low-income, but weren’t — in fact, they own an expensive waterfront house in Olympia.

Bob Ferguson did nothing about this. These two people still have their jobs in state government.

Sound Transit continues to rip people off by using an illegal and outdated vehicle valuation system to calculate car tabs. Bob Ferguson doesn’t care about that. King County Executive Dow Constantine, according to sources, uses a taxpayer-funded security detail to drive him to bars after business hours. Ferguson doesn’t do anything about that.

But when a private citizen tries to restrain taxes in this state, Ferguson makes sure everyone knows how much he spends on a haircut.

It’s comical how transparent Ferguson’s hatred is for everyone who isn’t left of center. But it’s also very scary. This is the most powerful law office in the state; he could send people to prison. Instead, he lets his buddies skate by while going after anyone who tries to restrain government.

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