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Tim Eyman
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AG Ferguson: Tim Eyman spending lavishly despite bankruptcy

Activist Tim Eyman. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is challenging the lavish personal spending of bankrupt anti-tax activist Tim Eyman.

Eyman, who has been in a legal battle with the attorney general for years over the use of campaign funds, filed for bankruptcy in November of 2018.

Anti-tax activist and I-976 proponent Tim Eyman is running for governor

Ferguson says Eyman shouldn’t be spending so much, and should instead focus on paying his sizable debts to the state.

The Seattle Times reports that Eyman’s bankruptcy filings show he’s been spending nearly $24,000 a month over the past year. That includes mostly money for lawyers, as well as $2,400 over a 10-month span on 97 Starbucks cards, rent on a Bellevue condo, and a $79 haircut every few weeks.

Tim Eyman says he never laundered money, pocketed donations

Eyman has long advocated for various anti-tax ballot initiatives in Washington, and has faced legal trouble more than once for improper use of campaign funds, a charge he was fined $50,000 for in 2002. Many of Eyman’s expenses are supported by donations from supporters.

AG Ferguson contends in his lawsuit that Eyman repeatedly violated campaign-finance law over the years through laundering political donations and accepting kickbacks, among other charges.

The state is seeking more than $3 million from Eyman, including $230,000 in contempt-of-court sanctions. In a statement, Eyman says Ferguson is trying to destroy him because of his “political success fighting for taxpayers.”

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