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Rantz: Video shows Dem official at Antifa rally yelling at folks to die

(Video screenshot)

A Democratic official yelled “die in a fire” to a racially diverse group of conservatives as they marched on Martin Luther King Jr Day, according to a conservative activist who caught the exchange on cell phone video.

Chase Cross, who is listed as the first Vice Chair of the 37th Legislative Democrats and serves as the Events Director for the King County Young Democrats, is seen next to masked Antifa protesters on January 20 heckling a MAGA March put on by the Patriots of Washington. According to the Facebook event page, the goal of the event is to “celebrate the message of Dr. Martin Luther King. Say No to Antifa, Supremacist and bigotry of all stripes. Value the content of ones character above all else.”

King Co. Democrat leader pushes dangerous conspiracy for Antifa

In a video of the Antifa counter protest, Cross shouts obscenities at the group, telling them to “get the [expletive] out of here” and to “die in a fire.” Cross has confirmed it is him in the video after the Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo highlighted the video, shot by conservative activist Katie Daviscourt.

While Cross and the King County Young Democrats (KCYD) celebrate the conduct on Twitter, it’s important to know what this activist and his organizations stand for.

It’s not about shaming Cross or the groups he represents. They’re incapable of shame.

This is about highlighting how far to the left these groups have devolved. With harmless names like KCYD or the 37th Legislative District Democrats, you might think they stand for mainstream views representative of the Democrat party. They don’t. Cross isn’t even a Democrat. On Twitter, Cross identifies as a Seattle socialist.

They seem to have convinced themselves that any and all conservatives are literal Nazis, which justifies the violence they engage in at rallies here and elsewhere. That’s what makes them dangerous. And it makes them far outside of the mainstream, so far that they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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