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Dori: As Seattle suffers shootings, Sawant writes resolution against India

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant. (Seattle City Council)

Seattle has more than its share of problems.

Especially after last week’s shooting, downtown business owners and residents have had it with the open-air drug markets, vehicle smash-and-grabs, and home invasions. Don’t believe the phony stats that Seattle is trying to shove down everyone’s throat. Property crime in Seattle is among the worst in the nation for major cities.

Traffic is also as bad as anywhere in the country. It’s all very much by design. They steal the most precious commodity we have — our time — by forcing us to sit in endless traffic. That way they can force us onto public transit.

What is the city doing to fix it? Well, the Seattle City Council has just passed a resolution. Is it to remove the road diets or better coordinate traffic signals? Is it to start prosecuting drug crimes and violence on the streets? No, of course not.

Restaurant owner says he’s losing business after Seattle shooting

Kshama Sawant has introduced two global resolutions. I know what you’re thinking. “Global? Why don’t we fix Seattle first?”

One of the resolutions calls for no war with Iran and passes this message along to the Congress members from Washington.

Wow, that’s going to make an impact. The radical Leftists on the Seattle City Council are going to talk to the radical Leftists in our Congressional delegation, and then they’ll tell the U.S. National Security Council that the people of Seattle don’t want war. That will surely stop our country from taking out another terrorist.

The second resolution gets involved in the politics of India. Sawant wants to officially oppose India’s new citizenship law, the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act.

With gang shootings downtown Seattle, and people dying and being raped in homeless encampments, are citizenship laws in India really what our city council needs to be wrestling with?

This is the result of the people we have put in charge of our city. It sounds like something from The Onion, yet you can find it on

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