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Dori: Sex ed bill will give all 2nd-graders radical assignments

We’ve talked about this bill in the Legislature that would mandate sex ed for all public school kids in Washington, beginning in kindergarten.

The argument for everyone pushing this radical sex ed agenda is that they want kids to be able to report if they are touched inappropriately. That’s not what this is about. Politicians aren’t about protecting children. Politicians are about rewarding groups that give them power. Some people accuse me of hyperbole, but I am certain of this analysis.

There is an agenda in our public schools to push our children toward transgenderism. It’s now mandated in Washington that if a kid wants to transition at 13, they can go see a doctor about it without telling their families. The parents’ insurance pays for it, but they will not be notified unless the child chooses to share it with them. I have heard from so many people that when they took their kids with gender dysphoria to a clinic at a local hospital, this trans agenda was pushed on them.

How does this dovetail with the sex ed bill? What is suggested for the entire state is already being implemented in the Seattle Public Schools. A concerned parent of a second-grader sent me about 40 pages of documents their child received at a local elementary school. It’s in the guise of the Black Lives Matter movement because the schools think that movement is very difficult to criticize. So it’s a kind of collusion.

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When we send our kids to a government school to learn — and our kids are so far behind compared to the rest of the world in reading, math, and languages — is this what the priority should be? Our schools have become obsessed with a radical agenda.

One of the assignments with cartoon drawings to color in is labeled “queer affirming and Black Lives Matter.” It states, “Everyone has the right to choose who they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.”

That all sounds very nice and good. But it’s also saying, “Whatever is in your head, don’t talk to mom and dad about it — we’ve got you here.”

The 30 pages of documents include a lot of information about radical organizations, like the Black Panther Party. One page says, “In your school or community, do people assume other people’s sexuality, or do they help create a space where people feel comfortable and affirmed, no matter how they identify?”

Again, all of this is good and fine, but at the appropriate age. There is nobody in their right mind who could tell me that this is necessary for second-grade children.

There are 13 principles that they want the second-graders to write about. One is “privilege,” which is defined as “a special advantage a person has that not everyone has, but that the person didn’t earn.” Look at that sentence structure. Are these the people teaching our children how to write?

It goes on, “For instance, people who are white have the privilege of seeing people who look like them represented in the media.”

None of this is about bringing people together. This is about creating division and victims.

The second principle is “white supremacy.” That is “the belief that white people are better than other races. Some systems, like schools and jails, have white supremacy built into them because white people have had so much power for so long.”

Is this really a second-grade concept? This is about taking children and telling them, “This person has to feel like a victim, and this other person has to feel guilty.”

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You can read even more about this series of lesson plans on the Seattle Public Schools’ website.

I appreciate the parent who sent me all these documents, because I want you all to be aware. What started as a radical agenda in the Seattle Public Schools is now sitting in Olympia in the form of a sex ed bill to be mandated statewide.

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