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Tim Eyman to run for Washington governor as Republican

Initiative guru and political activist Tim Eyman speaks at a special city council meeting. (Seattle Channel)

In a surprise to almost no one, Tim Eyman has declared he’s running as a Republican in the 2020 gubernatorial race.

“It just felt right to me,” Eyman told KIRO Radio, stating that supporters had long been asking him to make the switch.

Washington state GOP Chairman Caleb Heimlich told KTTH’s Jason Rantz he’s thrilled candidates are excited to be associated with the party.

“The Republican Party is the place to be,” Heimlich said.

Eyman scheduled a video announcement on his Facebook page at 5 p.m., but never showed up.

There are now five Republicans running for governor. Voters will decide who goes head-to-head against Jay Inslee in the August primary.

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