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State Superintendent says school closures likely to fall and beyond

It might be the longest spring break in history. For most parents, it might already feel like the longest spring break on record. And the state Superintendent said it’s likely going to get worse.

“We’re likely to be in this all the way to the fall and beyond,” Superintendent Chris Reykdal told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show. “This could be our reality next school year because we don’t have a vaccine in place likely for another 12 months.”

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Reykdal said the mission currently is to get students learning right now. But he’s also parallel planning for how this could look for six or seven months.

“Right now we’re putting out fires, but this other scenario we are planning for, not because it’s a certainty — I have not been told that — but I think we have to plan for this,” Reykdal said.

Shocked, Dori asked for clarification. Reykdal further explained that health officials are telling him the peak for the virus in Washington state is likely May or June. Following the peak is a shock wave to the health care system, so the state superintendent’s office is preparing for something long-term.

“We are hoping for the current time frame we’re on, but I’m not in the business of hope,” Reykdal said. “I’m in the business of being ready. We’re going to prepare for the worst case scenario.”

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