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Seattle relaxes parking enforcement to provide coronavirus relief


UPDATE, April 1: Temporary changes made to parking regulations in Seattle will now remain in effect “until further notice.”

Original article published on March 23, 2020:

The City of Seattle is temporarily pumping the brakes on some parking enforcement measures to support residents and businesses.

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Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office announced over the weekend that the city will suspend enforcement of 72-hour parking violations, as well as most cases of booting and towing vehicles.

“We’re implementing new parking regulations to better meet our community’s needs during this unprecedented moment in history,” Durkan said in a news release. “As the pandemic continues, we’re seeing more and more residents smartly stay in their homes, and no one should be punished for following public health guidance and preventing community spread.”

The city will also continue to make use of temporary restaurant “loading zones” to make is easier for people to pick up to-go orders. You can see all active food pick-up zones on this interactive map.

Towing will continue in “situations which create safety hazards, block access, or create other major issues,” but will be suspended in all other cases. Booting for unpaid parking tickets is suspended for as long as the Seattle Municipal Court is closed.

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While the 72-hour parking rule is suspended, posted signs denoting other time restrictions are still in effect. Vehicles that don’t have Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) permits must also obey time limits in those zones.

Payment for metered spaces will still be required for on-street parking as well, while “other parking time limits will continue to be enforced.”

These new measures will last for two weeks. The City also noted that it “may extend the suspension or make temporary adjustments” as time goes on.

KIRO Radio staff contributed to this report

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