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No school: Can you stop paying your property tax?

Fall classes begin this week. (Getty Images)

The property tax in Washington state is a key vehicle to fund government schools. The boss of government schools, and promoter of school curricula that treats kids as sexual beings from birth, Chris Reykdal, has suggested that districts dealing with coronoavirus not teach children, even online, because: “equity.” 

So, can you stop paying your property taxes since Reykdal has caused schools to stop teaching? Maybe Reykdal has a good reason for his official opinion. 

Chris Reykdal’s position is that, so long as one child doesn’t have a smart phone or computer and/or Internet access, no child will receive online education. On one hand, this is very serious, children missing almost an entire year of school. On the other hand, this is almost a year of children safe from being taught by school teachers about group masturbation. But, is this actually an issue of not being able to help kids who need technical tools? No, this is a cruel stunt aimed at you. 

This is a factual statement: any school district that actually has children who need these tools could, with a simple GoFundMe, or a request to Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon, have them in a matter of a week or so. Moreover, many districts could fund this on their own by shifting their budgets, which should be easy, given that fact that they are not open. The Seattle School District, for instance, with its $1 billion yearly budget, roughly 45% of which is spent on non-teachers at the administrative offices, could easily find the money, by furloughing administrators who are anything but essential to the classroom and, at the moment, have nothing to administrate. 

This is not about finding help for students who need it, for kids whose parents have had hard times financially, or families that have faced devastating financial setbacks, or for children whose parents have made poor financial decisions. This is about rubbing your nose in your success; this is about punishing you for your hard work. Reykdal is hurting you and your kids for the sacrifices you make for your children. This is about harming everyone in order to teach society a greater lesson: you are mean — and racist, but, only if you are “white” — because some people have had different outcomes in life than you have had. 

Since the schools refuse to find help for students who need it, since they are actively choosing to harm your kids, can you stop paying your property taxes? Only if you want the government to steal your house in return. Yep, this is also a fact: Chris Reykdal can decide to withhold the service for which he is paid and you must sit there and take it. You are merely a source of funds for Reykdal’s shockingly sexualized vision for your kids and for his need to be a member of the Seattle wokeratti. 

Oh, wait … there is one thing you can do: vote! Chris Reykdal is up for re-election. Your biggest and best chance to take some control back over your government school system, over whether or not your little kids are sexualized in the government schools, is to vote for his opponent, teacher, mother, community leader, Maia Espinoza. That is the most effective way to tell Reykdal, and every other activist who poses as an educator, that you are angry that they are pulling this stunt with the education of your children. 

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