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Jay Inslee, coronavirus, CenturyLink Field, stay at home order
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Gov. Inslee loses feud with Trump

Gov. Jay Inslee. (Getty Images)

A feud between Governor Inslee and President Trump boiled over this weekend.

Trump said calling Gov. Inslee is a waste of time

At a coronavirus daily briefing, the President said, “The governors have been great — for the most part.”

But then he added, “A couple need to do a better job themselves, … that’s part of the problem.”

“I think we’ve done a great job for the state of Washington, but the Governor is a failed presidential candidate, he leveled out at zero in the polls,” Trump added. “He’s constantly chirping and complaining.”

It’s interesting that the President is getting along with almost all of our nation’s governors, including Gavin Newsom of California and New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo — both of whom have been tough critics of Trump. But Inslee can’t get along?

Could it be because Inslee and his buddy, Bob Ferguson, have sued Trump more than 50 times? They have always screamed that the President has too much power, but now they say Trump hasn’t assumed enough power? What hypocrites.

Also, at some point, Inslee is going to have to answer for our state’s woeful lack of preparedness for this virus. He’s been governor for more than seven years. Why weren’t we better equipped?

A damning 2015 report from the New York Health Department warned that state was woefully unprepared if a pandemic hit — that there wouldn’t nearly be enough ventilators. Did the Washington State Department of Heath do any projections in the last seven years under Inslee? If not, why not?

Trump announces 30-day extension on social distancing guidelines

I have said for years that when we elect politicians based on their Social Justice quotient rather than on their true abilities, we would pay a dear price. It seems Inslee is blaming others to cover up for his own failings as governor.

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