SPD Chief Carmen Best: Burglaries are welcome in Seattle, name calling is not

UPDATED: APRIL 1, 2020 AT 4:15 PM
Former AM 770 KTTH Host

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is no longer a serious person. Wednesday morning, she tweeted this:

Also Wednesday morning, on my radio show, I played three calls to police. In Seattle, a police officer responded to a request from dispatch to intervene in a burglary in progress–someone actively stealing from a citizen!

The officer was forced to reply that they could not respond “we have no resources.”

In Burien, someone from Medic 1 reported an assault in progress. Someone getting beaten up. The dispatcher wasn’t certain if, or when, the police would get there.

Lastly, over the weekend, Seattle DOT wanted to close Seattle’s expensive, new tunnel. But, instead of doing it on their own, they demanded the Seattle Police Department handle it.

Yes, seriously, the SPD, so short-handed they cannot respond to burglaries in progress, had to close the tunnel for SDOT. You can hear all these calls right here.

Now, Carmen Best wants people to call 911 if someone is rude. Apparently she’s cool with burglaries and assaults, but, draws the line at people calling names. Good luck, Seattle! Good luck …