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Dear Diary
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Dear Diary: Tales from isolation with Dave Ross


To fill the free time I suddenly have because of not commuting, I plan to write an occasional Isolation Diary, and so this will be Page 1.

Dear Diary,

I feel ashamed to say it but I’m grateful our kids are now grown and gone. Based on what I’m hearing from my daughter, two parents working at home all day with a dog and a toddler is not easy.

They’re able to work when she’s napping but when that cute little kid wakes up and runs to mom or dad with a book… how can you pay attention to a bunch of boring invoices? Plus someone has to walk the dog. But it is good to be Grandpa. All I see are the cute pictures where everyone’s smiling.

Dear Diary,

I’m finding that when there’s just two of you, it’s very important to at least try to enjoy the free movie chosen by your partner. Because for your partner to get up and leave the room to watch the other TV feels very judgmental.

Just because I happened to be watching a 1950s sci-fi film called Attack of the 50-foot Woman.

You see, her DNA was manipulated by aliens and she ends up squishing her cheating husband.

No, it wasn’t Hamlet, but even I can’t watch briefings all day.

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