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Dori: Gov. Inslee owes US Army, Feds an apology

Soldiers arrive at the CenturyLink Field Event Center on March 28, 2020 in Seattle. (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

A week ago, Jay Inslee slammed our federal government for not doing enough for our state.

“The fact is, we cannot get as much help as we would like from the federal government”, he said.

This was a week after the United States Army, under orders from the Trump administration, sent hundreds of soldiers to build a 250-bed hospital at the Century Link Field Events Center.

That hospital has sat empty ever since. Not one patient. On Wednesday, Inslee announced that he wanted the facility disassembled and sent back to the federal government. How much do you think think this assembly and disassembly is costing taxpayers? No one will give me a figure.

Earlier this week, Inslee announced that he is returning 400 ventilators to the feds that we don’t need.

A week ago, he said the administration wasn’t doing enough for our state. Now, it’s clear, they’ve done way too much. A person of integrity would apologize for his phony criticism. That apology, of course, will never come.

Also, given that we are killing our regional economy based on the data that led to the unnecessary hospital and ventilator requests, is it any wonder that skepticism is growing about the decisions that are wiping out the financial lives of business owners and the unemployed?

Governor, it’s time you start being honest with the people of your state.

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