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Dr. Anthony Fauci
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A dog named ‘Fauci’

Dr. Anthony Fauci. (Getty Images)

With stay-at-home orders still in force across the country, some families seized the opportunity to welcome new pets. The Wall Street Journal wrote about the decision to name one such puppy: after considering “Tina”—as in “quarantine”—and “Vira”—as in “virus”—the proud owners decided to call their new dog “Fauci”—in tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s been in charge of government’s fight against infectious diseases for 36 years.

After the pandemic, less dinner party prejudice?

His brilliance and tireless efforts have indeed made Dr. Fauci a folk-hero, but he’s hardly alone among indispensable public servants at this time of crisis. Americans seem to feel enhanced respect not just for medical personnel, but for law enforcement, the military, teachers, social workers, health inspectors, letter carriers and literally millions of others who serve our governments at every level.

The present pandemic brings new appreciation for literally millions who dedicate their daily lives to protecting the public.

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