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Dori: Unemployment skyrockets, but ridiculous government ‘work’ continues

Workers spotted weeding in Colman Park during the coronavirus stay-at-home order. (Photo courtesy of a Dori Monson Show listener)

As I’ve said from the very beginning, I believe in mitigation. I have supported the stay-at-home policy as an important element in tamping down the spread of COVID-19.

What drives me crazy is the inconsistency — and sheer hypocrisy — in how it is being enforced. If stay-at-home is a good policy and necessary for our collective health, then everyone should abide by it. There shouldn’t be exceptions for government workers.

Dori: Gov. Inslee’s temper tantrum press conference

One out of every six American workers has lost their job because of this virus. But those unemployed taxpayers still have to shovel money from their dwindling bank accounts to pay for ridiculous government busy-work.

A listener who has been a great citizen-source for my show over the years took these pictures on her daily walks this week. At Colman Park on Lake Washington Boulevard, this “worker” pictured below was watering ferns and other shrubs the day after the heaviest rainfall that we’ve had in months.

Any normal person looks at this as insanity, but to Jay Inslee, Dow Constantine, Jenny Durkan, et al, it is somehow considered “essential.”

Also at Colman Park on Thursday afternoon, a crew was out weeding. Well, two were weeding, one appeared to be supervising. In Washington these days, fishermen can’t fish but weeders can still weed — as long as they work for the government — we can’t have any private-sector weeding going on.

As a side note, you may remember last fall when a listener sent me pictures of the office at Mt. Baker Housing. Every day, the staff at this low-income housing development watch CNBC on their flat-screen TV. While many American families are getting economically wiped out, those who are part of the homeless industrial complex still have to keep a close watch on their portfolios.

This week, I’ve heard from unemployed barbers, manicurists, wedding planners, and dozens of people in other industries, some of whom don’t qualify for bailouts. They’re broke. They’re scared. They’re heartbroken.

Dori: Inslee’s hateful double standard toward out-of-work families

They still have to pay taxes to subsidize the worker watering ferns and the weeders. I still believe in mitigation, but the private/public double standard proves our politicians don’t truly believe in their own stay-at-home policy. I absolutely understand the growing anger in our region. These pictures are another example of why our unemployed, taxpaying citizens are sick and tired of Inslee, Constantine, and Durkan spitting in their faces.

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