Herman: I will not be an actor in Inslee’s covid theater

May 13, 2020, 4:45 PM


(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

In the hands of most, the story of Covid-19 is one part tragedy, one part international scientific detective story. Under the direction of Jay Inslee, it’s an amateurish farce. It unintentionally and, perhaps, ironically, increases the severity of the tragedy.

Its most enduring flaw, though, is that some of the plot lines are so stretched, they make it impossible for the viewer to believe what they see. For instance:

The governor of a Western State, played in a sleepy manner by Inslee himself, creates a series of bureaucratic diktats of a dizzying lack of continuity. While they are hilarious, viewers are reminded that the root of the story contains lives utterly shattered by rules that, for instance, allow boating but criminalizing dropping a fishing line in the water.

In a scene filmed at Seattle’s formerly iconic Pike Place Market, (now a heroin den), a befuddled restaurant owner is informed by Inslee that people can anonymously jump onto buses and trains, shop in box stores, pick up a McCalorie snack, and vote without showing ID, but he will be forced to collect the name, address, phone number, and email address of people should they wish to dine in his restaurant.

“Why am I forced to do this and no one else?” asks the restaurant owner.

“It’s the data and the science”, the governor says, “if you disobey, you will literally be killing people, and you can be fined or jailed!”

After making that clear, the governor boards a bus filled with people; he heads to a yet another press conference. There, he signs into law a bill that effectively decriminalizes giving someone HIV.

Asked why he signed it, the governor replies: “It’s based on data and science.”

A reporter writes down the governor’s statement with a StayTheBlankHome tattoo on his right hand.

The only partial saving grace to this plainly unbelievable plot-line is the state AG, played by Bob Ferguson, who reveals himself to be a skilled, physical actor.

In the earlier scene, filmed at the Market, Ferguson lectures a barber about the rule of law, (the barber having committed the grievous offense of cutting hair), when suddenly, and hilariously, Ferguson trips on a pile of heroin needles and lands in a smeared, steaming puddle of human vomit. Trying to raise himself from the goo, Ferguson knocks over a filthy backpack, out of which spills thirty-five fake IDs and several hundred smart phones, one of which is set to the Attorney General’s app for snitching on people violating the governor’s orders to not walk on beaches.

Even that pratfall, perfectly executed by Ferguson, cannot erase from viewer’s minds the tragedy that is the story of the Inslee shutdown and the ultimate failure of Inslee’s Covid Theater.

It’s a bad movie. I will not be an actor in it.

There is no end to the data bolstering my decision–here are only a few examples.

There is no medical emergency in Washington state

Roughly 99% of people will never feel any serious health effects from the virus, but Jay Inslee’s Covid theater will likely steal the paychecks of one million Washingtonians. One million people are being economically crushed when Inslee could simply respond the overwhelming evidence that his lockdown of your life is not helping anyone but his party and his friends.

Lockdowns do not stop the virus:

According to a Nobel Prize Awarded Epidemiologist, lockdowns like Jay Inslee’s Covid Theater have literally no affect on the growth-rate of the virus when compared with states that do not lockdown.

Opening the states does not lead to more deaths

States that have reopened are doing better in lives and jobs. In states that have lifted the lockdowns, either fully or partially, they have about 1/10th the death rate and roughly ½ the unemployment rate of states that have stayed locked down and this is only a few weeks after opening.

Despite the media’s blatant propaganda, kids are not at risk.

Unless they have a very rare disease, Kawasaki, which puts them at risk from the flu, people under eighteen are simply not at risk from Covid, but, they are forced into Inslee’s farce as their educations and social connections are stolen from them, when, in fact, they could safely play on beaches and playgrounds where the Vitamin-D will actually help their parents defend against the virus.

Lives can be saved in easy-to-find locations

Jay Inslee could focus his efforts on protecting the elderly, in care centers, who make up 60% of the deaths from Corona Virus, but, this is theater, not health, so he prefers to spend his time trying to get his cousin sweet, no-bid Corona Theater contracts, pretending his wife (whom, according to every stylist I have asked, holds scissors backward, with her fingers in the wrong holes) cuts his hair.

Jay Inslee’s Covid Theater is very likely killing people … and not from the virus

One day, when the media is finished helping to promote Jay Inslee’s Covid Theater, they will tell the stories of people who have died because they couldn’t get medical procedures performed that Inslee decreed elective, at the same time as he protected the business model of Planned Parenthood: abortions and their latest cash-cow handing-out cross-sex hormones to thirteen year-old kids without their parent’s permission. This woman died in child birth because she couldn’t get an exam due to Covid Theater. According a study in the UK,”a delay of six months in surgeries for patients with stage 2 or 3 cancers of the bladder, lung, esophagus, ovary, liver, pancreas, and stomach results in an over 30 percent reduction in survival. They found overall for all cancer patients that a six-month delay would result in 10,555 excess deaths and a cumulative loss of 205,024 life years in the U.K.”

The media will not seduce me into this fear play they are promoting for Jay Inslee

Your “news” media could give you all of this context, but, they are too busy playing the home game of Orange Man Bad and pushing Jay’s Theater with silly takes like this. Nationally, the MSNBCNNABCBSNBC’s White House Press Corp pretend to wear masks all the time, but, take them off when they think they are not on camera, just like virtue signaler Senator Tim Kaine did with his scarf, which is not an N95 mask when he took it off to speak.

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Herman: I will not be an actor in Inslee’s covid theater