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Manny's Pale Ale, Manny
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For the first time ever, Georgetown Brewing is canning iconic Manny’s ale

Manny's in a can for the first time ever. (Georgetown Brewing, Facebook)

Northwest beer drinkers are rejoicing today: Manny’s, the beer that would never be canned, is now being canned because of the pandemic.

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Manny’s is one of the most popular Seattle beers, ever since Manny Choa at Georgetown Brewing delivered his first keg of it in 2003.

As Georgetown started canning its beers, fans have been begging for the brewery to add Manny’s to the list. Manny would never allow it because he wanted his namesake beer to only be available at bars and restaurants. He wanted people to go out and enjoy his pale ale with friends. He wanted people to support the bars and restaurants that supported him.

But with those bars and restaurants struggling right now, Manny finally relented. Manny’s Cannies will be available at the brewery next week and in stores May 27. It’s a limited run, expected to only last six weeks.

“I thought you’d never can Manny’s?! Well, we also never thought our world would be devastated by a global pandemic,” Choa and co-founder Roger Bialous said in a Facebook post.

“When we started canning beer at Georgetown Brewing, we figured leaving Manny’s Pale Ale as a draft-only beer would help us stay connected to the foundation of our business: the bars and restaurants that first served our beer. If you want a pint of Manny’s, you have to go out, be social and support your local bar or restaurant. That’s why, for our first 14 years in business, we only sold kegs. It was also our excuse to drink beer at bars and call it ‘work.'”

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All of the proceeds from the sales of Manny’s will go to nonprofits that focus on helping workers in the food and beverage industry.

Manny’s is my favorite beer. It has been since I moved here in 2004. I cannot wait to get a Manny’s Canny in my hand.

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