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Seattle COVID rebels
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Herman: ‘Give me foie gras or give me death!’ say Seattle COVID rebels

A chain lock is shown on the entry doors to Zane + Wylie's Seattle Steakhouse. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Ah, the Seattle “Progressive,” always happy to tell the little people to eat cake.

When Jay Inslee forced certain classes of people out of work, hashtag warriors in Seattle went to battle on behalf of their beloved governor; they added “#StayTheF*&$Home” next to their “resist” fists.

Many Seattle leftists went online and mocked stylists who faced losing their homes: “Hmmm … frost hair or save lives? Stay the ‘blank’ home!” To gym owners who were being crushed into bankruptcy by Jay Inslee’s COVID-Theater lockdowns, they said: “Your pecs can wait! If it saves just one life, stay the ‘blank’ home!”

When civil rights advocates told Jay Inslee they refused to be locked into their homes for a virus that will never seriously sicken 99% of people, Seattle’s liberals screamed. “Right wing wack-cases, the world will be better off if all ‘#MAGA-Billies’ get COVID.”

But, then, Jay Inslee came for Seattle’s soup spoons and foie gras; Inlsee said he would demand the name, address, phone number, and email address of people who chose to spend an evening in a restaurant. It was a Tiananmen Square moment for brave, Seattle leftists.

Outraged, Seattle’s COVID rebels went on the offense against Jay Inslee himself.

“I am all for flattening the curve, but I am not giving my name to eat out.” “This is a bridge too far, Governor,” “I hate to give more fuel to the fire of MAGAIDIOTS, but, this is an unnecessary bit of work to add to restaurateurs.”

Jay Inslee is Seattle’s governor. Seattle rebelled and Inslee retreated.

Meanwhile, all across Washington state, people who invested their lives in their small businesses are going bankrupt. Rural hospitals face closure, and people are losing their homes.

If only they were all in downtown Seattle serving livers from tortured geese, Jay Inslee would stop inflicting upon them his COVID theatrics.

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