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Herman: Two biggest frauds in human rights history are Obama’s policies, Black Lives Matter leadership

In this image from video provided by My Brother's Keeper Alliance and The Obama Foundation, former President Barack Obama speaks Wednesday, June 3, 2020, during virtual town hall event with young people to discuss policing and the civil unrest that has followed the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. (My Brother's Keeper Alliance and The Obama Foundation via AP)

On Thursday morning, Todd responded to Barack Obama’s address to America. He reminded the KTTH listening family of how the policies pushed by Obama helped ruin black lives and how former members of his administration are currently acting in aid of people accused of throwing homemade bombs in the streets of New York.

He also challenged Everett Community College, and King County, both of which promote the leadership of #BlackLiveMatter, and the local media, to actually examine the leadership of #BlackLivesMatter, which Herman say defrauds young, back people by pretending to care about their lives, when, their actual focus is installing cultural Marxism.

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