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SPD preparing to abandon East Precinct if necessary

Seattle protesters at the East Precinct on Capitol Hill. (KIRO Radio, Hanna Scott)

A source has confirmed to KIRO Radio that preparations are underway to secure the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the event that it needs to be abandoned.

Seattle police union demands elected officials condemn violence toward officers

The East Precinct is near 11th and Pine, where protesters have gathered every day for nearly two weeks. Any valuable items will be removed from the precinct.

Mike Solan, president of SPOG, spoke to media Monday morning outside the East Precinct and workers could be seen boarding up the windows of the building in the background.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said the department is taking all safety precautions for the facility. She added that the deployment and footprint in Capitol Hill on Monday night will be different.

The SPD wants to protect the precinct facility and allow protesters their right to free speech. According to SPD, the streets surrounding the East Precinct will be reopened, allowing demonstrators to march on Capitol Hill. The building will remain staffed.

Best said she is looking forward to a night of peaceful protests.

“We don’t want to be the center of the story,” she said.

Anything considered sensitive will be removed from the precinct area, according to Best. She said this is the first time they’ve tried to protect the facility in this fashion.

“We will meet peace with peace,” Best added.

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