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Hundreds march across Seattle, White Center

Hundreds of people attend the march through White Center Wednesday night. (MyNorthwest)

A Seattle Youth Protest rallied at Volunteer Park and then marched to the Seattle Police West Precinct on Virginia. The crowd stood behind the metal fencing for awhile before turning back. Hundreds of people, including families and pets, marched in White Center Wednesday afternoon.

A large crowd remains near the East Precinct on Capitol Hill a.k.a. the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

Live updates from Wednesday:

10:08pm – Live music is heard in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” There are food and aid stations set up, as well as portable toilets and a projector for movies. Police say they’ve heard demonstrators are armed and running checkpoints at the entry points.

9:18pm – People are taking to the microphone in front of the empty East Precinct. Meanwhile, President Trump is tweeting at Mayor Durkan and Gov. Inslee to get a handle on the situation.

8:13pm- Most of the city of Seattle is quiet tonight with protests downtown and in White Center ending. A large crowd remains outside the East Precinct.

6:59pm – It appears the Seattle Youth Protest is moving away from the West Precinct.

6:16pm – Protesters with the Seattle Youth Protest have reached the SPD’s West Precinct where there is metal fencing in place. The precinct is located on Virginia between 8th and 9th.

6:04pm – Hundreds of people marched in White Center Wednesday evening.

5:38pm – A crowd has gathered again in the “CHAZ,” listening to speakers sharing their experiences and thoughts.

5:14pm – Effective immediately, all SPD officers are ordered to have body-worn video recording during demonstrations where they will have contact with the public.

4:57pm – The scheduled rally and march in White Center has started.

4:18pm – Protesters in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” are holding a “People’s Assembly.” Meanwhile, students are protesting at Volunteer Park for the Seattle Youth Protest.

From overnight Tuesday:

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant led a march to City Hall after holding a meeting at Cal Anderson Park on Tuesday night to discuss a proposed ban on chemical weapons. Sawant led the group inside City Hall, where they chanted and continued to call on Mayor Durkan to resign. Photos

Follow moment-by-moment accounts of Tuesday’s protests here

Protesters peacefully left the building later on in the night.

Meanwhile, a crowd remained at the East Precinct, as it has every night for the last week and a half, in what protesters are now calling the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” and “Free Capitol Hill.”

This came about after Seattle police left the East Precinct and reopened streets in the surrounding area Monday evening. Protesters have since set up barricades around the area, many of whom have slept there overnight.

Councilmember Sawant has been a presence in the area since the weekend, when police clashed with protesters frequently, culminating in officers re-authorizing the use of tear gas to clear crowds late Sunday night.

The hope with reopening streets around the 12th and Pine area was to “lead with de-escalation and rebuild community trust,” the city said in a news release.

Police are still answering 911 calls for residents served by the East Precinct.

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