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Victory, Part 1: Mothers and grandmothers shocked Planned Parenthood, Chris Reykdal, and Jay Inslee

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, explains the COVID-19 grading guidelines from the OSPI. (Screengrab from waOSPI YouTube)

The greatest comeback story you have never heard.

It was not supposed to happen: The sex-ed bill Jay Inslee signed into law was never supposed to make the news, and it almost didn’t.

Thanks to The Todd Herman Show’s audience, it not only made it on the radio; Herman was able to bring truth and light to the reality of the curricula he and experts call “perverse.”

With this information they learned from Herman, communities came together to celebrate and defend families. It was not supposed to happen during Jay Inslee’s shutdown. These mothers and grandmothers were not to supposed to be able to get enough signatures on the ballot, but they defended families and the have stunned Planned Parenthood, Chris Reykdal, and Jay Inslee.

Hear Todd Herman tell the story of mothers and grandmothers breaking the record for signatures on referendums in Washington State and learn why the true battle to defend kids begins today.

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