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Is it safe to reopen?

FILE - In this March 14 2020 file photo, Apple employees work inside a closed Apple store in Miami. Apple is temporarily closing 11 stores in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina just few weeks after reopening them in hopes that consumers would be able to shop in them without raising the risk of infecting them or company workers with the novel coronavirus that caused COVID-19. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

States across the country are reopening one by one, and yet coronavirus case numbers have spiked in the places that got the earliest start.

This week, KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross and reporter Aaron Granillo try to figure out: is this safe?

First, a case study of Arizona, which is on track to be the latest coronavirus hotspot.

Then, Dave and Aaron discuss the politics of reopening. When did the virus become a partisan issue?

Finally, we consult several epidemiologists. What’s really safe? And where will we be in the fall?


KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny in Arizona

Dr. Angela Rasmussen from The Gee and Ursula Show

Dr. Erin Bromage from the University of Massachusetts

Dr. Keith Jerome from the University of Washington


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