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Who is running for Washington State Governor in 2020?

A voter casts his ballot at the King County Elections processing center on March 09, 2020 in Renton, Washington. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

In the upcoming primary election on Aug. 4, 2020, there will be 36 candidates on the ballot for Governor of Washington state, including incumbent Jay Inslee.

Here’s a list of all the gubernatorial candidates and their party preference, listed in ballot order:

  1. Alex Tsimerman, StandUpAmerica
  2. Phil Fortunato, Republican
  3. Ryan Ryals, Unaffiliated
  4. Leon Aaron Lawson, Trump Republican
  5. Henry Clay Dennison, Socialist Workers
  6. Tim Eyman, Republican
  7. Liz Hallock, Green
  8. Goodspaceguy, Trump Republican
  9. Omari Tahir Garrett, Democrat
  10. Don L. Rivers, Democratic
  11. Martin L. ‘Iceman’ Wheeler, Republican
  12. Raul Garcia, Republican
  13. Tylor Grow, Republican
  14. Winston Wilkes, Propertarianist
  15. Brian R. Weed, No Party Preference
  16. Thor Amundson, Independent
  17. Gene Hart, Democratic
  18. William (Bill) Miller, American Patriot
  19. Matthew Murray, Republican
  20. Dylan B. Nails, Independent
  21. Cameron M. Vessey, No Party Preference
  22. David W. Blomstrom, Fifth Republic
  23. Anton Sakharov, Trump Republican
  24. Craig Campbell, No Party Preference
  25. Nate Herzog, Pre-2016 Republican
  26. Cregan M. Newhouse, No Party Preference
  27. Ian Gonzales, Republican
  28. Cairo D’Almeida, Democratic
  29. Elaina J. Gonzalez, Independent
  30. Jay Inslee, Democratic
  31. Joshua Freed, Republican
  32. David Voltz, Cascadia Labour
  33. Joshua Wolf, New-Liberty
  34. Loren Culp, Republican
  35. Richard L. Carpenter, Republican
  36. Bill Hirt, Republican

In addition to governor, the August primary ballot will also include Statewide Executives, U.S. Representatives, State Legislators, Supreme Court Justices, Superior Court Judges, and some local offices. The August primary does not include the President and Vice President.

Washington state leads charge to get US to vote by mail in November

Find a full list of candidates who filed for office this year online here. The list is searchable by district, office, name, and party preference.

Ballots will be mailed to you at the address where you’re currently registered to vote no later than mid-July. Sign and return your ballot to a drop box or postmark it no later than Election Day, Aug. 4.

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