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Man subdued after threatening passengers on flight out of Seattle

Alaska Airlines planes parked at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport terminal. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

A red-eye flight from Seattle to Chicago turned violent just minutes after takeoff Saturday, when a man started pacing the aisle threatening to kill everyone.

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The Alaska Airlines flight was still in the initial ascent and passengers were just getting settled, when a man unbuckled and started screaming.

“I will kill everybody,” he screamed in video posted to Twitter.

“Die in the name of Jesus,” he screamed, as a police officer, who just happened to be on the flight, and another man moved in quickly to subdue him, pushing him into a row of seats.

But being restrained didn’t stop the threats.

“Die in the name of the Holy Ghost,” he yelled as nervous passengers looked on.

A gutsy flight attendant can be seen in the video jumping seats to help the two men. Another held the man down and tried to restrain him.

The flight crew then turned the plane around. Several emergency messages can be heard over the loudspeaker.

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The group finally worked together to get the man under control, all the while asking the man to calm down and avoid escalating the situation. That was advice the man didn’t take.

“Jesus is a Black man,” he screamed as the group worked to control him.

“Get off of me!” he yelled. “I did nothing.”

Port of Seattle Police arrested the man after the plane landed. He was taken to the King County Jail.

There no information on what set the man off.

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