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Washington’s Secretary of State race by the numbers

(AP Photo/John Froschauer, File)

Worried about election security, mail-in ballots, or voting rights? The Secretary of State has an important role in the very act of voting. There are three candidates running against incumbent Kim Wyman.

Here’s a breakdown of what each candidate for Washington’s secretary of state prioritized in the voter’s pamphlet, based on keywords found in their statements:

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Of the four candidates, two mentioned “security or secure” in their statements. Those candidates were Kim Wyman and Gale Tarleton. However, Gentry Lange mentioned “secret ballot.”

Three candidates mentioned “mail in or voting by mail” in their statements. Washington elected to give counties the option of voting by mail in 2005. The candidates who mentioned this issue were Kim Wyman, Gael Tarleton, and Gentry Lange.

Only one candidate mentioned “voting rights.” That candidate was Gael Tarleton. However, all candidates mentioned the public, voters, or citizens in their statements.

Two candidates mentioned “nonpartisan or bipartisan” in their statements. Those candidates were Ed Minger and Gael Tarleton.

One candidate mentioned “corporations,” and that was Gentry Lange. He spent most of his statement on kicking corporations out of vote counting efforts. Ed Minger mentioned both “paid advertising” and “special interests” in his statement.

The Primary election is on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

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