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Rantz: Seattle gets the government it deserves, but police deserve better

Seattle City Council. (Seattle Channel)

The Seattle City Council voted to decimate the Seattle Police Department, firing up to 100 officers in the coming days. It ended up forcing Police Chief Carmen Best to resign.

The council is not done with their activism. They’re only just getting started. And they won’t stop at defunding police by 50%. This council wants to abolish the department as we know it.

Seattle voters get the government it deserves. Residents will have to live with the deadly consequences. But the men and women at the Seattle Police Department deserve so much better.

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Seattle deserves what it gets with police cut

Normally, when you riot, vandalize buildings, commit arson against government property, and try to murder cops, you go to jail. In Seattle, you’re rewarded.

It’s not controversial to condemn Antifa and agitator violence. Normal people do just that. But this council supports the violence, implied threats, and general chaos. It’s how these councilmembers imagine they’ll stay in power: placating the city’s most fringe activists.

Teresa Mosqueda defended a man who threatened to murder cops while Andrew Lewis downplayed colleagues being threatened with physical violence. Lisa Herbold forwarded a racist plan to fire cops for the crime of being white. Dan Strauss helped create CHOP, the site of two murders. Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales cheer on anti-capitalist rioters — so what if a few businesses, including one owned by an immigrant, get destroyed or damaged in the process? Alex Pedersen and Deborah Juarez are always missing in action, seldom taking consistent stances and always sending mixed messages. And Lorena Gonzalez? She struggles to understand very basic concepts in policing, like not understanding a low arrest rate during 911 calls is partly due to Seattle’s decriminalization of … well, crime.

As a result of this vote, the crime will continue to spiral, homelessness and addiction will worsen, and we’ll all be worse off for it. We brought this on ourselves.

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Cops deserve better

Seattle voters should have known that ideologues in office would pursue something this crazy and reckless. And though I’m a Seattle resident, we got the exact government we deserved.

I fear that Seattle will suffer consequences so severe that it forever sends a message to never vote people like this into office again. While the end result is good, the chaos that will take us there will be painful, terrifying, and could have been avoided.

In all of this, it’s the police officers that I feel bad for.

The men and women who are about to be out of a job — one they took to serve the community — are the real victims. Unfortunately, many of them feel like their community doesn’t care for them. I can’t say I blame them. With few exceptions, they’re right: This community doesn’t support them.

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