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Rantz: Seattle activists, not Trump, are why mailboxes are missing

Seattle activists and agitators are to blame, not President Donald Trump, for missing or locked mailboxes on Capitol Hill. It turns out the conspiracy theories are wrong. Shocking.

As Democrats forward fringe conspiracies that Trump is sabotaging the long-financially troubled United States Postal Service to suppress mail-in voting, locals turned to missing or locked mailboxes on Capitol Hill.

Where did they go? Why are they locked? Trump must behind it! They didn’t need proof. They had a silly conspiracy theory to jump onto.

Rantz: Seattle activist says buildings ‘perpetulating’ violence, so destroy them

Trump isn’t responsible for missing mailboxes

The missing or locked mailboxes that have some Seattle residents worried are (or were) located around Broadway and Pike/Pine. Why have they been disabled? Agitators have been vandalizing and destroying them. Repeatedly. After all, they’re right around the former CHOP zone and frequent criminal marauding.

None of decommissioning was recent, so even if you wanted to blame Trump, it wouldn’t be tied to the bogus voter suppression stories.

“In June and July, we temporarily disabled three collection boxes for security reasons after repeated vandalism,” USPS spokesperson David Rupert confirms to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

This isn’t a new practice.

The USPS will disable mailboxes — or completely remove them — during times of expected or prolonged protests to protect federal property and the mail inside it. And, of course, the disabling of a few mailboxes doesn’t prevent you from voting. You could vote by using the mailbox in your home, which is where the ballot was delivered. Don’t worry: Trump isn’t taking away your home’s mailboxes.

If you don’t want your mailboxes removed, try not destroying them. Seems simple enough.

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