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The Devil All The Time
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No time for ‘The Devil All the Time’

A star-studded but loathsome new Netflix film goes to extremes in its message that Christianity is a dangerous, demented cult. Nearly all characters in “The Devil All the Time” profess fervent evangelical faith that leads them to murder, torture, child molestation, animal crucifixion and other horrors.

One preacher, played by Robert Pattinson, seduces young girls by demanding they display themselves “as God made you,” while his pulpit predecessor slaughters his wife, and then tries to invoke his pastoral power to resurrect her.

Questions for the upcoming debate

Based on a novel about the actual town of Knockemstiff, Ohio, the film features European actors with exaggerated drawls, caricaturing Hillbilly primitives Hollywood identifies with rural Middle-America.

In its gruesome assault on a faith that actually uplifts tens of millions in every corner of the country, the misbegotten film highlights vast gaps between coastal creative elites and real denizens of the heartland.

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