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How do we bring the country together? Gee & Ursula listeners sound off

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The country has become quite skilled at finding new ways to divide ourselves, but can anything be done to bring us together? Gee and Ursula opened the phone lines to KIRO Radio listeners to see if they have any ideas.

“Three things to make a country better: Number one, put term limits on the Senate in Congress, number two, remove the corporate sponsorship of politicians. And … I forgot number three,” said Bob in Everett.

Perhaps number three is the one that would have brought everyone together. Now we’ll never know.

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For Nancy, a teacher from Puyallup, we need to start with kids, helping them appreciate other people outside their environments.

“I come from the perspective of the teacher. I think — especially with the younger kids — give examples of people coming together and compromise. Maybe suggest that they do things outside of class together. Choose friends you might not otherwise choose, people that are different from you,” she said.

“Have an open mind. It’s OK to be different, it’s OK to think differently,” she added.

Robert in Tukwila thinks the holidays are the key.

“My idea is to focus on Christmas. We seem to be happier people when we focus on the Christmas season and giving. I think that’s the best thing in the world. Whatever they celebrate, whether it’s Christmas, or Hanukkah, or however,” he said.

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And Tom from Silverdale kept it pretty simple.

“How do we bring us together? How about don’t be so darn sure you’re right regardless of which way you lean.”

To hear the rest of the callers’ ideas, listen here.

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