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Grocers release statement following Gov. Inslee’s new COVID-19 restrictions

Gov. Inslee is also asking you to refrain from hoarding food. (Reader submitted)

On Sunday, Governor Inslee announced new restrictions as part of Washington state’s response to COVID-19. Shortly after, The Washington Food Industry Association’s incoming CEO released a statement.

“Washington state’s independent grocery and convenience stores are working hard to safely meet the needs of customers during COVID-19. Since the early days of the outbreak, grocery stores have complied with COVID regulations — masking up, sanitizing, and providing clean, safe shopping experiences. Now, our members are asking for your continued patience as local grocers adjust to operating under these new rules during the busiest shopping season of the year,” said Tammie Hetrick.

The Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA) represents Washington state’s independent grocers and convenience stores.

“Grocers do not make these regulations, but they are required to enforce them,” Hetrick said. “Like you, we are adjusting to new and ever-changing rules about how to shop safely during this unprecedented time. Stores are doing their best to innovate and offer safe, convenient services and maintain reasonable access. Shoppers: Please do not take your frustrations out on store employees, who are just doing their jobs. Our stores and our suppliers are working diligently to ensure shoppers will have safe access to the food and other products they seek this holiday season.”

“Safety remains the top priority for our stores, their employees and the shopping public. We must continue to work together and help one another if we are to put an end to this pandemic and begin the road back to normalcy.”

Inslee’s new order bans indoor gatherings and indoor service at restaurants and bars. Retail, including grocery stores, will be capped at 25% indoor occupancy.

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