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Loren Culp
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With Washington election certified, Loren Culp continues to threaten legal action

Gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp. (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman announced Tuesday that she has officially certified the state’s 2020 election results. Despite that, though, gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp has been insistent about his refusal to concede, while threatening legal action over allegations of voter fraud.

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Culp’s campaign manager Christopher Gergen teased at that legal action in mid-November, saying at the time that he had “a lot of evidence of people receiving ballots who are not citizens,” as well as “evidence that dead people voted.”

On Monday, Gergen again claimed the campaign had that evidence in hand, but continued to stop short of producing it publicly.

“For any of you people who are wanting me to just spill the beans and produce documentation, it’s not going to happen,” he said during a live video published to Facebook.

Rather, Gergen instructed those interested to “go to the courthouse” when the Culp campaign files its lawsuit, stating that they are “not going to adjudicate this in the court of public opinion,” while remaining quiet on when exactly that process will begin in earnest.

The campaign also plans to target a handful of counties for recounts based on what Gergen describes as “some squirrely things that we have found.” He expects those recount requests to be filed “this week and next.”

Washington Secretary of State certifies 2020 election results

That said, Wyman has been insistent that Washington’s election processes are among the most secure in the nation, while emphasizing the lack of solid proof from Culp.

“They have yet to provide a single instance of fraud, let alone anything that would meaningfully change any results,” she told Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat.

Washington’s final vote tally saw incumbent Governor Jay Inslee best Culp by a 56.6% to 43.1% margin, with the two candidates separated by over 545,000 votes.

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