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Medved: Trump is worse than Hillary Clinton for president

John Adams was the second president of the United States but the first to reside in the White House. And on his first night staying alone without his wife Abigail among the columns and halls of the presidential home, he wrote her a letter with a statement so inspiring that Franklin D. Roosevelt had it inscribed on the fireplace there.

I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof.

It is an example syndicated Conservative talk show host Michael Medved pointed to on KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz Show when he affirmed that he will never vote for Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate.

“I don’t think Trump fits that. I know he’s not honest and I know he is not wise,” Medved said.

After Ted Cruz suspended his campaign on Tuesday, Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency. Medved said that he is now looking at Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. But there is another person who he believes is better than Trump — at least, who is not as bad as Trump.

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“I actually believe that Trump represents the very, very worst elements of our politics and would be very threatening and damaging for the future for my kids, the republic, our economy and our national security — and really, more than any other candidate in my lifetime he represents a threat to the viability of the United States of America,” he said.

How bad could Trump be that a best-selling Conservative author, columnist, and voice listened to by 4 million people across the nation would turn his back on him?

“On all of the issues, the core issues that make people Conservative, Trump is wrong. He is on the other side,” Medved said. “My inclination right now — this is a terrible situation for hosting a talk radio show … I’m not at all sure that on the issues that matter most to Conservatives that Trump is better than Hillary (Clinton). I think he is probably worse.”

Who could Trump run with?

Aside from one poll that has been lambasted as misleading, nearly all data indicates that Trump could not defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in a presidential election. In fact, Medved believes this.

“I think this means we get wiped out in the next election,” he said, which is interesting because the Republican party has done pretty well lately with record numbers of state legislators, control of the Senate and House and 31 governorships.

Medved notes that only 10 percent of eligible voters have come out to vote in Republican primaries. And of that number, only 40 percent have voted for Trump — that factors out to about 4 percent of the eligible electorate according to Medved.

“Here we are in a situation where 40 percent of Republican voters in the primaries have said they will never vote for Trump,” he said. “What’s sad about this is that it is handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton without any viable alternative for people who don’t agree with her about the direction for the country.”

Medved said that instead of making any strong stance on a candidate in the wake of Cruz’s exit, he is going to ask advice from his listeners. One listener already proposed an idea that could give Trump an advantage over Clinton. And it’s an idea that Medved hasn’t dismissed.

“The one candidate he would pick, it would horrify me but probably help him, would be Oprah. And he has said he is considering it,” Medved said.

“Who would be, of these celebrity candidates, more qualified and more effective?” he asked. “Oprah is a better communicator than he is. She is more beloved. She does have a spiritual core. She has a more inspiring story. She worked her way up from great difficulty. In every capacity, she is more qualified to run for president than he is. She has run a more successful business.”

“I looked into it and apparently they are friends,” Medved added. “And I dunno — what’s Oprah doing right now?”

Listen to the full podcast to hear Michael Medved explain further reasons why he cannot support Donald Trump.

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