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Mayor calls for end of ‘misogynistic’ vitriol after Seattle arena vote

Not everybody has been diplomatic about the city council's rejection of a plan for a new sports arena in Seattle. (AP)
LISTEN: Adam Brown says Port of Seattle used corrupt tactics for arena vote

Some Sonics fans have chosen to take the high road when it comes to the Seattle City Council members who rejected a plan to vacate Occidental Avenue for a new sports arena. Others have chosen a more troubling route: one filled with angry rhetoric toward the five female council members who voted no on the proposal.

Tuesday’s vote that could have opened the door for an NBA/NHL arena in SoDo was split along gender lines, with the four men voting yes and five females voting no. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray called for an end to the “misogynistic” and “sexist” vitriol coming at the female council members via social media, over the phone and through email.

Chris Hansen, whose proposal for the arena was blocked by the council, also criticized the “vile comments” from arena supporters.

“While we are all naturally frustrated with the outcome, I know that the vast majority of our passionate and dedicated supporters agree with me that such comments have absolutely no place in our community,” Hansen wrote in a statement. “While we may not agree with the Council’s vote, misogynistic insults, vile comments and threats are unacceptable and need to stop. We should all show respect for our elected officials and the legislative process, even if we disagree with their decision.”

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Adam Brown was among those people who voiced dismay in line with Hansen and the Mayor.

In an interview with KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson, the producer of the documentary “Sonicsgate” called the moment Seattle City council member Lorena Gonzalez cast the deciding vote that destroyed any plans for bringing the NBA back to Seattle, as “pure and utter devastation.” He had some strong, yet respectful, words for the council members who rejected a proposal to vacate the “glorified alley” that would have given the city a shovel-ready plan to bring the NBA back to Seattle.

“All the council ‘no’ voters have to live with their vote and they’re going to hear about it come election time,” he said. “They’ve disenfranchised thousands of voters who participated in the process. There is no question that the will of the people wanted this arena and this street vacation, which wasn’t just giving away the street. This was just a contingent agreement and they still had no foresight and voted it down. This fight is not over.”

Listen above to more from Brown, including his claims that the Port of Seattle relied on a “corrupt, unethical disinformation campaign” to sway the council.

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