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Todd Herman Show Notes 5.6.2021

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WATCH: Seattle tells homeless campers to clear out after double shooting, fire at Lake City park

READ: Neighbors discover county health officials providing needles to homeless campers on Seattle public school campus

READ: Medical experts said addressing the psychology behind vaccine hesitancy could be critical in reaching high numbers of immunization

WATCH: Children ages 12 to 15 could soon be eligible for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

WATCH: With vaccines key to reopening in Washington state, there’s a push to overcome hesitancy

HIGHLIGHT: Hillary Clinton Update

WATCH: Hillary Clinton: Tech Companies Have Made Algorithm-Driven Conspiracy Rabbit Holes a Feature of Our Information Ecosystem

WATCH: Hillary says election was stolen

WATCH: Hillary says Trump knows he illegitimate president

WATCH: Hillary talks about the vast, right wing conspiracy

WATCH: Clinton Shrugs Off Question About Wiping Server Clean

WATCH: Justin Hart on Twitter

WATCH: Tom Elliot on Twitter

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

WATCH: Claire McCaskill to Dr. Walensky: Have You Considered Some Kind of Prize Drawing for People Who Get Vaccinated?



READ: States with strictest lockdowns ruined livelihoods — without saving lives

HIGHLIGHT: Rantz Report

READ: Alex Berensen on Twitter

HIGHLIGHT: Just a Few More Things

THING 1 Software Firm Basecamp’s Employees Resign in Mass Exodus

THING 2 SHOUTING MSNBC Host Loses It at GOP Governor Over Trans Bill in State

THING 3 Oh, NOW the Lefty ‘View’ Hosts Find GOP’s Jenner a Threat

THING 4 Colbert: All the GOP Cares About Is Being ‘Weepy’ Over Mr. Potato Head’s Missing Penis’

THING 5 Adam Carolla: Hollywood ‘Nutjobs’ Are Ruining Oscar Franchise


READ: Oligarchy, and Remedies

READ: China’s Digital Yuan Is Technocracy’s Dream Currency

READ: 24 world leaders announce international pandemic treaty to implement Great Reset agenda

READ: Is Coke Rethinking Woke?

WATCH: Mom says Southwest captain booted boy from flight because of sensory disorder

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