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Rantz: School district coaxes parents to lie to get children vaccine, cheat system

The Olympia School District coaxed parents into lying about their children’s birthdays to cheat the system for early vaccine appointment access.

The district set up a vaccine clinic anticipating the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s authorization for children 12-15 to get the Pfizer vaccination. But the appointment system used by the vaccine provider’s vendor did not yet allow students in that age range to sign up. At the time, the vaccine was not yet authorized by the FDA.

Instead of waiting to sign up post-authorization, the district emailed parents with advice: Lie about your kid’s age.

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Olympia School District told parents to lie

School officials suggested inputting an incorrect birthday for their kids as “a workaround placeholder” to get an early appointment. This would have given a child the appointment before the FDA fully authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine.

The district eventually apologized for the unethical strategy, though they attempted to downplay their actions. The Jason Rantz Show acquired the email on KTTH.

“It was a mistake to encourage families to temporarily alter the birth year, and an apology was issued on Saturday, May 8,” the district emailed parents on May 10. “None of the students signed up would have ever received the vaccine unless it was approved for 12-15-year-olds. We would have verified student birthdates before any vaccine was administered. Nonetheless, it was a poorly thought-out temporary solution and we regret the communication error.”

One mom, who requested anonymity for fear of retribution, called the district out for “deceiving families.”

She chides their “endless cycle of confusion and deceit. They are playing with our kids and parents are fed up.”

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Schools pushing vaccine getting more out of control

The Olympia School District clearly went too far. It sends the wrong message. But this behavior isn’t happening in a bubble. Schools across the state are increasingly going too far. Some are coercing kids into getting the vaccine in alarming ways.

At Chimacum Junior/High School, the school is bribing students with 25 hours of community service hours toward their mandatory 55-hour graduation requirement if they get the vaccine. And in Kirkland, one school is putting pressure on students to get the vaccine, shaming eligible students who choose not to.

This is disgusting behavior, regardless of your thoughts on the vaccine. I support the vaccine for most people, but this is egregious behavior.

A student’s decision to get a vaccine under emergency use authorization, one they may not need, should be left up to their parents in consultation with their doctors. Period.

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