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Man found dead after standoff with officers

Pierce County Sheriff's Department. (via Twitter)

 A man is dead after a standoff between him and law enforcement on Wednesday evening in Spanaway.

Officers were called to 173rd Street South and A Street South, where the standoff was happening.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy was shot at, and SWAT and crisis negotiators were called to the scene.

A deputy reportedly approached a vehicle he got a call about, and that is when the suspect fired at him, authorities said.

The deputy was not injured.

It is not immediately known if the deputy fired a shot at the suspect.

The suspect was believed to be alone in the vehicle.

The Sheriff’s Department state that the suspect was found dead in his vehicle by SWAT.

Other details were not immediately made available.

Law enforcement is asking anyone in the area to stay clear of the scene, as roads have been shut down.

The Pierce County Force Investigation Team was called to the scene to investigate.

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