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Todd Herman Show Notes: 5.26.2021

Physician, former GOP senator jumps into Minnesota governor race

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READ: Continuing war on private property by Seattle’s communists

READ: The Seattle City Council voted unanimously today to remove the 911 Dispatch Call Center from SPD control.

READ: Leaked Emails Show Crime App Citizen Is Testing On-Demand Security Force

READ: Fox News Viewers Outperform CNN, MSNBC Watchers on News Knowledge

WATCH: Dr. Scott Jensen on Twitter

FLASHBACK: Our interview with then Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen

WATCH: Veteran Rails Against Florida School Board’s Equity Statement: ‘Your Job is Education, Not Indoctrination!’

READ:Neuroscience Professor Removed From APA Discussion After Saying There Are Only Two Sexes …

WATCH: Lefties MELT DOWN Over CBS Committing Random Act of Journalism on people who once identified as Trans and now want their bodies back from Big Pharma

READ: Congressman ‘Forgot’ to Cast Proxy Vote That May Have Killed Democrat-Backed Spending Package: Spokesperson

WATCH: MSNBC: New Book Claims Trump Family Members Got Inappropriately Close to Secret Service Agents


WATCH: Holly Menino on Twitter

READ: Informed Choice

READ: Senile Joe Biden’s attempt to install backdoor reparations has been stalled in court in Texas. 

WATCH:  Stop AAPI Hate’ Founder Uses Anti-Asian Violence to Lecture Asians About Their ‘Anti-Blackness’ and ‘White Adjacency

WATCH:  George Will Returns to ‘This Week’: Jan 6 a 9/11-Like ‘Shock to the System’

WATCH: (Language Warning) “Why are you letting this happen? This is our national capital!


HIGHLIGHT: Just a Few More Things

THING 1 Marching With Hamas, NBC’s Engel Touts Terrorist ‘Wave of Popularity’

THING 2  Colbert Announces Reopening with Vaccinated-Only Crowd: ‘It’s Like No Glove, No Love’

THING 3 MSNBC Medical Guest: Rand Paul Saying He Won’t Get Vaccinated ‘Is Incredibly Dangerous

THING 4 ESPN Host: ‘Flagrant Disappointment,’ Lebron James Has Enlightened Us on Many Issues Except Getting Vaccinated

THING 5 Brzezinski: ‘Not an Exaggeration’ for Us To Keep Comparing GOP to a ‘Cult



WATCH: Jake Tapper on Twitter

READ: Christopher Rufo – The Child Soldiers of Portland; Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries.

READ: Despite Requests, Chinese Military Officials Won’t Talk To Biden’s Pentagon Chief; The news comes as Beijing threatens U.S. allies in Asia and the Pacific.

READ: NYT Opinion on Twitter


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