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Stine: If I win the COVID vaccine lottery … or any lottery

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I’ll be frank. I desperately want to win the lottery. I fit all of the criteria for a “feel-good” story of a young up-and-comer, making his way in a new city, hitting the big time as a major market media talent, and then finally: winning $250,000. It would be the feel-good story of summer 2021.

Gov. Inslee announces vaccine lottery for military personnel, veterans

It would change my life. I could put a down payment on a shack in King County, adopt a couple of kids, donate it all to charity, or lose it all on in a debaucherous weekend in Vegas. I could fly in a private jet or have a live-in butler to cater to my every need.

I could buy hundreds of Macaws and put them in gold-plated cages and teach them all to sing “Just the Two Of Us,” and only “Just the Two Of Us.” I could finally hire a Ronald Reagan impersonator to wrestle a Mikhail Gorbachev look-alike, while a low-rent Kiss cover band plays “Rock and Roll All Nite.” I could literally live the dream that I have always wanted to live.

But I think that is the problem with lotteries. There is a tremendous amount of potential for someone to lose themselves from suddenly being endowed with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Stacy Jo Rost and I went into great detail as to how money, and by extension power, has the ability to potentially corrupt even the most unsuspecting of people. Listen in:

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