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How to vote a ‘Dori ticket’ in the primary election

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Primary ballots must be in by Tuesday, Aug. 3. Since I know the entire state is eager to vote a “straight Dori ticket,” here are my election endorsements. There are really only three important races to focus on:

King County Executive

Dow Constantine has helped lead the way to record violence in King County. Joe Nguyen would be even worse. Goodspaceguy wants to get rid of the eviction moratoriums and embrace capitalism. He seems like the most sane of the three. I also really like Sound Transit watchdog Bill Hirt.

Seattle Mayor

James Donaldson or Art Langlie
Former Sonic James Donaldson is a good man. At 7’2″, he would give us the nation’s tallest mayor. When he came on my show, he was very candid about his past mental health struggles. Given that is a huge problem on our streets, he would offer an empathetic and valuable perspective. James is all for police reform, but he is against defunding the police.

Art Langlie has had a very successful private sector career — all too rare in politics these days. He seems dedicated to reversing some of the dangerous trends that are destroying Seattle.

Seattle City Attorney

Ann Davison
My strongest and most passionate endorsement. Davison, on my show, promised to actually lock up criminals. It’s shocking that sounds radical, but it does after years of a revolving door for criminals under Pete Holmes. Incumbent Holmes is one of the main reasons Seattle has become such a dangerous city. It’s time for a change!

Beyond Seattle, in individual cities, vote for people who do NOT want to spread the Seattle disaster to the suburbs. In the individual school districts, vote for people who will take a stand against a racist Critical Race Theory curriculum and actually endorse schools educating kids. I know — such a radical idea.

We have to get our region back from the criminals and the social justice warriors. Your vote matters.

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